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Hi! My name is Ken. I am a Chinese Junior High Student YouTuber.  I am good at English and Physics. I am a YouTuber and I live in Phoenix City, Guangzhou, China (Learn More). I speak English and Chinese.
I want to say: Comments on YouTube can make videos better, YouTubers can’t ignore them!

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I am going to teach foreigners to use Chinese Things

In China, there are a lot of high-tech things such as WeChat Pay, Alipay, Transit Code for bus and subway, etc.
Some Chinese things are not available in English, so I have to translate them to English and teach them.

On January 26th, 2019, I taught foreigners to use Guangzhou Metro Transit Code in its app on your phone on this blog and my YouTube Channel (Read the article or Watch the video).

I am going to write my first book

I am going to write my English or Chinese book in my free time to improve my English ability.

YouTuber Meets the Subscribers

This book talks about a junior high student YouTuber Maria started and promoted her YouTube Channel to her classmates, friends and teachers. She met her neighbor Daniel by a comment in her video, and invited her friend Anna to help her record videos. Then she got thousands of subscribers and meet the subscribers.

Recent 4 places I traveled

My Current Location: Guangzhou, China

Next YouTube videos (May not in order)

  • How to use Sogou Pinyin Input and type Chinese on your devices?
  • How to use Amap (高德地图) in China?
  • An introduction of Phoenix, City, Guangzhou, China (Premiere)
  • How to Promote your YouTube Channel using Cards? – Good tips for new YouTubers.

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My New YouTube Channel Promotion Card

Recently, I made my YouTube Channel Promotion Card to get more subscribers on my YouTube Channel. I am attempting to hand it out to foreigners around Guangzhou, China. (Read the Article, Video is coming soon)

My 3 Essential Studying Apps

Wunderlist: A Reminder and To-do List. It can let me manage my tasks conveniently. You also can set the reminder of a to-do list and it will be very punctual to remind me by sending the notifications to your devices. If a task contains multiple steps or cautions, you can write it clearly. After you have finished your task or a step, you can check the checkbox.

Quizlet: An English Word Practice Software. It can let me remember new English words rapidly by playing some fun games on it such as match, write, gravity, etc. You just need to create a study set and type the new words and its meaning first, then view the flashcards and play the games repeatedly until you remembered them.

Grammarly: An English Grammar Correction Software. It has mobile phone keyboard apps, Chrome/Firefox extension, etc. It can check and correct your English grammar as you type. When it detects wrong spelling or grammar, it will show a red underline and the correct grammar on it, then you can fix the mistakes. By the way, you also can study English grammar knowledge from it.

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