Why I use WordPress.com to create my website and blog instead using Wix or Blogger?

We usually create our website to publish our articles. There are some website creating platforms such as WordPress.com, Wix, Blogger, etc.

I am a Chinese people and I live in China. So I don’t use Blogger because China blocks Google and its Blogger, also the keyword ‘blogspot’ in the domain. If I use Blogger, some important elements from Google can’t be loaded even if the site can be reached.

The main reason of I use WordPress instead of using others is WordPress supports Alipay and WeChat Pay. I only have my WeChat Pay account, Alipay account and a UnionPay debit card. So I have payment problem to purchase paid plans. Wix only accept Credit Cards for UnionPay.

The Story of my website

When I start my YouTube Channel on Aug. 10th, 2018, I also started to find a platform to create my website. I wanted to create my website because some YouTubers have their personal website.

First, I started to use Wix to create my website when I see the advertisement, but later, I aborted this action because I don’t have time.

On Sept. 3rd, 2019, I started to create my fake website via local HTML file with the HTML and JavaScript Code.

Until the Winter holiday in 2019 (Feb. 10th, 2019), I continue to create my website because there are 7 days left to the next semester in my school. I found WordPress to create my website.

I registered my WordPress account and my free domain, set up my website with my Home Page, About Page and Contact Page. Then I wrote my first article in my website and embedded my YouTube video about this.

I downloaded my Mobile app on my phone and I feel it is very useful because I can edit my site on my phone.

And then, I purchased the Premium Plan and my custom domain.

When I open Wix to continue to create my website, I discovered it does not support my payment methods. It has a Live Chat feature, but I don’t need it. The Wix app and wix.com on the phone can’t edit my pages, it is very inconvenient.

The Advantages of WordPress.com

The WordPress's New Block Editor

1. Easy to Setup and Edit

In WordPress.com, you can setup your site with WordPress’s official checklist when you register a WordPress.com account. You just need to pick and customize a theme, and then add some pages. WordPress has numbers of wonderful themes that I don’t need to design the desktop and mobile layout. I just need to type in the Classic/Block Editor.

In Wix, you need to setup every pages and their phone layout in Wix Editor.

They both have phone apps, you can manage your site entirely include creating/editing your pages/posts in the WordPress app. But in Wix app, you only can edit your posts and reply the Live Chat.

2. Always Unlimited Bandwidth

WordPress.com is always unlimited bandwidth even if you use free plan. But Wix.com has limited bandwidth even if you use paid plan, only unlimited if you use Unlimited or greater plan.

3. Can Save a Draft for each page or post

I can save a draft for each incomplete page or post when I don’t have more time to edit them.

When I continue to edit my WordPress site, I can choose which incomplete page or post I want to continue to edit.

4. Can use HTML to Edit

I am currently learning HTML programming language in my extra class. I’d like to practice my HTML ability. It is convertible between virtual and HTML.

5. Has a Statistics Feature

WordPress has statistics feature. It can show the visitor situations about my website clearly such as country, links clicking, etc.

6. Has an automated email system

When I create and publish my new article in my website, the WordPress automated email system will send messages to the subscribers automatically. I don’t need to use Mailchimp or other email software and make the contents manually.

I can add the subscribe form in the page, the sidebar or the footer.

7. Prohibit JavaScript and embeds to make my website safe

WordPress says JavaScript, embeds and even plugins can make the site in danger. WordPress wants to make everyone’s website safe.

Embedding YouTube videos or other known contents can convert to WordPress’s safe shortcode.

I know HTML, JavaScript, CSS and PHP but not the website HTTPS, Website Security Certificate and the Server Security. This is also the one of the reasons of I don’t use wordpress.org self-hosted site.

My website has been managed by WordPress, so I don’t need to worry about a hacker hacks into my website and any other website security issues.

So I understand the local HTML file in my computer is the right place to practice JavaScript.

8. Free HTTPS and SSL Certificate

HTTPS and SSL Certificate can make a website safe. I don’t know the HTTPS or the Certificate (see reason 7 above).

They will be installed to the website automatically when you registered your domain. We don’t need to worry about this.

9. Save your work Automatically

I usually click the Save button to save my data and my file when I finished a step in the Word, PowerPoint or Excel.

If I forgot to click Save Draft button in the WordPress when I am writing my post or page, it will save my work automatically in the real time.

10. Preview as PC, tablet or phone in the PC without taking your phone

The preview feature on the PC is available for previewing as PC Layout, Tablet Layout or Phone Layout without taking your phone or tablet.

When I am editing my site on my PC or laptop, I can preview what it looks like on the phone or tablet directly and conveniently without taking out my phone or tablet.

11. WordPress Shortlink

We know Twitter limits 280 characters per Tweet.

When I sharing my article with the long description and # hashtags to Twitter or any other social media, I will not able to post it because of the characters limit. But WordPress Shortlink can make the link shorter to share it easily.

12. Trash for Pages and Posts

WordPress has a trash for pages and posts. When I delete my page or post, it will throw it to the trash instead of permanently delete.

If I deleted them by error, I can make it back from the trash.

13. WordPress Reader

WordPress has a reader feature that I can read other’s WordPress blog articles conveniently, without Google or Bing search. Like YouTube Channel subscription.

Maybe Bing is the only foreign search engine that didn’t get blocked in China, but China Bing may remove some results.

14. Jetpack

WordPress has an essential package, called: Jetpack. You can add some elements in the Block Editor.

15. Always Unlimited Search

I can add the Search Box in the website’s header, footer or sidebar and it is unlimited in WordPress. But Wix has a limitation on its search box in a Wix site, it only can search 30 times per month for free users.

16. Custom CSS (Premium Plan or Above)

I can add Custom CSS into the website to design my website better. It only works on Premium Plan or above.

17. Scheduled Publishing

If I don’t want to publish my articles immediately, I can choose a time to publish.

YouTube also has this feature (not Premiere).

18. Proof Reader for Writing

In the Classic Editor, I can enable the Proofread Feature to make sure I don’t type any mistakes in an article or a page.

Wix and Blogger are Not Bad

Wix and Blogger also very good, but I use WordPress because of the payment issue. They also have their advantages.

My Favorite YouTubers are using Wix and Blogger to create their site

There are also some YouTubers use Wix and Blogger to create their site.

Platform YouTuber Name
WordPress.com Ken Deng
Wix Emily Dao
Blogger Helly, Amelia Laing

Author: Ken Deng

A Chinese Junior High Student YouTuber from Phoenix City, Guangzhou, China.

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