My English Teacher Let me Read So Many Books Every Week

Recently, my English teacher let us to read so many books every week, because he think reading is a significant way to improve our English.

He bought a book for every classmates, called: Maid, we must read this book for 3 chapters per week.

I feel very hard for the English homework

There are so many English daily or weekly homework in this semester, maybe we are preparing the FCE or IELTS Test. We passed Cambridge KET and PET test before.

We have to remember 30 English words every day (Mon. to Fri.), read book for 3 chapters every week, remember a short essay every week, etc.

I think the tasks are the cipher of success.

How does my English teacher check my homework?

He makes a dictation to check the words, ask the main idea or other questions to check the chapters I have read.

The penalty for an incomplete homework

I have to finish these homework on time. There will be penalty from my English teacher if I don’t finish them on time. The penalties are different for different tasks.

Remember words

Copy 5 times for each wrong word in the dictation.

Reading book

If we read not enough chapters in a week, we may have extra running, extra English reading homework, copy the entire chapters, etc.

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Author: Ken Deng

A Chinese Junior High Student YouTuber from Phoenix City, Guangzhou, China.

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